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Suite 601


Train Driver Poster website link

Athol Fugard brings a powerful true story of redemption
for its San Francisco/Bay Area premier in The Train Driver.
Set in Fugard's native South Africa, the drama follows Roelf,
a white train driver devastated by unwittingly killing a black mother
and child who stepped in front of his train. Searching for answers
and solace, Roelf travels to the township's graveyard and meets a
black gravedigger named Simon, whose job is to bury the "nameless."
Through their unlikely friendship, Roelf tries to come to grips with
his guilt and shame.

Directed by: Richard Harder
Featuring: Conor Hamill and Melvin Thompson





poster and ticket link

Ninjaz of Drama returns to the Phoenix Theatre Annex with new short plays by
San Francisco actor-playwright Rey Carolino with his comic views on lovers, actors,
and other fools mixing Greek mythology, Southern melodrama, speed-dating, the illusion
of celebrity, love in Paris, a love letter to the painfully awkward, and the aftermath of a most
unusual one-night stand! Performed by Bay Area talents Federico Edwards, Kristen Matia,
Ted Speros, Pam Mangan, Fabien Ferhani, Naseem Etemad, Paul Wong, Sarah Leight,
Cristal McLaughlin, Paul Seliga, Christine Kim. Directed by Federico Edwards, Paul Seliga,
Rey Carolino, and Ted Speros.

For more info about cast-show visit:
Friday and Saturday 8pm
December 5,6,12,13, 2014
Phoenix Annex Theatre 414 Mason St, suite 406. San Francisco

$20 General Admission. $15 Students, Seniors, TBA Members

On-lines sales only at EVENTBRITE or call 1 800 350 8850
ticket link

Door reservations and Show info (415) 509 8656
Door Rush Tix- $20